Ezer Mizion Canada

The Tears Did Not Go Unnoticed

Baruch was crying. His drivers, Amitai and Avi, was sure of it even though Baruch tried to hide it. They had gotten to know Baruch quite well after having driven him and his attendant to dialysis three times a week for a long period. Like all Ezer Mizion staff members, they became so much more than just a driver.
The frail, elderly Baruch was wheelchair-bound and his attendant would guide him through the maze of corridors till they reached the Dialysis Unit. Today the attendant was on vacation and Amitai offered to bring him up to the Unit. “We’ll come up here to pick you up tonight. You won’t have to go down yourself, don’t worry.”
But Baruch still seemed upset. His eyes welled up with tears as Amitai and Avi turned to go. A warm hug, a kindly word and Baruch could hold out no longer. The tears began to flow and Amitai and Avi could barely make out his apology: “ I know how busy you are. I didn’t want to take any more of your time. But I don’t know what to do. My t’fillin! Today is the first time since I was Bar Mitzvah that I didn’t put on t’fillin. I just can’t do it myself and there is no one to help me.”
Avi exchanged a glance with Amitai. “You stay with him. I’ll be right back.” Amitai flew down the hallways back to the ambulance. His precious t’fillin in hand, he raced back to find Baruch waiting with Avi and the tears replaced with his usual smile. The young men helped the octogenarian wind the straps. He hadn’t missed a day since his Bar Mitzvah and he would not miss now, not if Avi and Amitai could help it. “Ohr Yehudah is not far from the town that we work in. We’ll come every day during our lunch hour until your attendant is back from his vacation.”
The Ezer Mizion ambulances are fueled by gas. The drivers are fueled by love, understanding and respect.

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