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idea-3085367_1920“Think, everyone, think!” she cried out. “There has to be something! Something we can do even in the midst of corona.” We all sat there. We’re normally a creative bunch but the ideas were just not coming.  Every year we hosted a retreat for families dealing with cancer. It was the highlight of the year for them, a time to bond with their family, good food, fun entertainment –  a vacation from cancer. Away from hospitals and tests and treatments. Something to put a smile on faces that almost forgot how. It meant everything to the families whom, in addition to the medical situation, were suffering so much emotionally with many family relationships on the verge of collapse.
Bringing these high risk families together during corona was out of the question. Even with all outdoor activities. And where would they sleep? A one-day retreat, going home to sleep? But the activities are all group activities. One family at a time? That doesn’t make any sense. So there we were. Back to square one.
We needed a venue that was outdoors, far away from everyone else and an activity they would really love to do as a family alone. But what?
pr canc sup Summer Camp during CoronaHmmm..Outdoors and far, far away…Lift their spirits…”I’ve got it,” she shouted. What’s outdoors and as far away as you can get? How about if we lift more than their spirits. How about if we lift them physically also. How about taking each family paragliding!
We gasped. lt was perfect! An activity which meets all criteria for corona regulations. An activity that’s meant for each family to do together.  They’d have a heavenly (pun intended) time!
The logistics were complicated but our adrenaline was strong. Soon appointments were made for ten families per week to enjoy a day in the sky. The spectacular view. The pampering with every goody imaginable. The rejuvenating, quality time as a family. As they soared in the air, their spirits soared with them, strengthening both body and soul for the hard times ahead.
Ezer Mizion provides services to over 660,000 of Israel’s population annually in addition to its Bone Marrow Registry which saves the lives of Jewish cancer patients the world over.

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