Ezer Mizion Canada

Two-Way Street

Lt. Eitan enters the ‘lion’s den’ in a highly courageous attempt to rescue Hadar Goldin OB’M. Fully aware of the dangers in traversing the infamous tunnel, he proceeds cautiously, hoping, praying. What he was not aware of is that he was accompanied by an angel- a malach created by the mitzvah of his family.
Lt. Eitan’s family are long-time friends and supporters of Ezer Mizion’s Initernational Jewish Bone Marrow Registry. They have set up what is called a Personalized Donor Pool. What is that?
Often a bone marrow transplant is the sole chance of survival for a cancer patient. To be successful, donor and recipient must be a DNA match. Ezer Mizion, the largest Jewish registry in the world, is still not large enough and, too often, no genetic match is found in time. Genetic testing is expensive and funding is urgently needed to enlarge the registry to enable virtually each request to be met before it’s too late.
Lt. Eitan’s family has undertaken to fund a large amount of tests for potential donors. Each month those who have done so are notified of any registrants that have donated their marrow. Each supporter looks forward to hearing the gratifying words: You have saved a life!
Shortly after Lt. Eitan’s famous trip down the tunnel, his father received this most rewarding call. He was overwhelmed. “I am certain that the merit of our saving a life helped to save our son’s life as he entered the tunnel in search of Hadar Goldin,” he responded emotionally.
We salute Lieutenant Eitan for his valor and determination and thank his family for partnering with us in our vital mission!

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