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Unique Health Maintenance Initiative in Petach Tikvah

Tami Maor July 2, 2014
Petach Tikvah Municipality and Sharon Hospital launch a joint initiative with Ezer Mizion to promote health for seniors
This week, a unique initiative was launched in Petach Tivkah, a collaborative effort of the Petach Tikvah Municipality and Sharon Hospital. The initiative on behalf of the city’s elderly focuses on preventing common health risks.
The initiative is part of a collaborative framework of the Petach Tikvah Municipality Committee for Health Promotion and Ezer Mizion.
Among the prominent participants in the event launching the project were Itzik Braverman – mayor of Petach Tikvah, Yonah Amrusi – Director of Neighborhoods Division, Dr. Carlus Gruzman – Director of Sharon Hospital, Dr. Dror Dicker – Director of Internal Medicine 4, Chairman of the Health Promotion committee, and member of the municipal Health Promotion Committee, Dr. Alon Peretz – Director of the Occupational Clinic, Lara Keselman – Director opr golden 2 14 yom tzilulim DSCF1639f Geriatrics, Shuli Reinhart – Municipal Health Coordinator, Ezer Mizion representatives, and representatives of the Community Center where the ceremony took place.
Dr. Dror Dicker: “A health survey was carried out by the Health Committee, in collaboration with the municipality, and in light of its findings, it was decided to work to promote health among the senior population in a number of areas:

  1. Proper diet – Seniors have a tendency towards undernourishment due to their age or as a result of health conditions.
  2. Drug administration – A majority of the senior population receives regular medications and due to the large number of different drugs, they must be guided on how to take them safely.
  3. Falls and injuries – Falls constitute a real, constant danger in the elderly person’s daily life due to problems of accessibility, visual deficits, and more.
  4. Dialogue with the physician – Many seniors have difficulty communicating with the family doctor due to problems resulting from their health condition, hearing impairments, language difficulties, etc.

“In accordance with the Committee’s recommendations, it was decided that lectures would be delivered in Community Centers throughout the city by hospital staff from a number of departments:Geriatric care, physiotherapy, pharmaceutics and nutrition. In addition, Ezer Mizion volunteers will be available to assist the seniors in their everyday life.”
Mayor Itzik Braverman lauded the initiative: “Our vision is not only to care for the ill, but to prevent health problems. I want to thank the Sharon Hospital and Ezer Mizion for their willingness to contribute to the community even outside the confines of the hospital and to serve as health ambassadors within the community.”
Dr. Carlus Gruzman, Director of Sharon Hospital: “Sharon Hospital is a community hospital. It is very important for us to maintain a connection to the community and bring health guidelines to the general population, even outside the hospital walls. Special thanks to Ezer Mizion for sharing in this initiative.”

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