Ezer Mizion Canada

Vacation from Cancer

One hundred sixty two families with a child or parent suffering from cancer took off for a week of fun and excitement in two separate session, a week of overnight camp that enabled them to forget the day-to-day challenges for a bit and enjoy the experience of a lifetime, while strengthening the family bond.

Betty, mother of Yonatan, a 4-1/2-year-old with leukemia, summed up the retreat in her blog:pr canc supp retreat 2013 1672_ne_photo_stories1_589f2 “This week we went out to Ezer Mizion’s summer retreat. My Yonatan, who has leukemia, was given the gift of normal life for a few days. No, not just normal life, but the most exciting, fun-filled life a child could ask for.

“For a brief time, he tasted what it’s like to “live it up” together with his family during summer vacation, which had started without him even knowing it existed. For once, he felt what life is like when you don’t have to worry every minute that some nurse or doctor is about to come in and poke or prick you.

He, and we too, learned first-hand about unconditional love and unrestrained giving.

The Ezer Mizion summer retreat is a “household name” in israel’s oncology wards. Every summer, dozens of families with sick parents or children take a brief hiatus from the grueling routine of chemotherapy and pain. pr canc supp retreat 2013 1672_ne_photo_stories2_8fd90The retreat is manned by the entire dedicated staff of Oranit, Ezer Mizion’s “home away from home” for oncology patients and their families, the amazing Ezer Mizion staff, and dozens of remarkable volunteers whose entire being is the essence of giving and love.

In short, all I can say is that I, with all the cynicism that sits deep within me, was left open-mouthed and teary at the outpouring of good that was showered upon us!”


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