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Vice-Mayor Shares his Feelings

Korim Elad – Daat Kahal

March 28, 2014


Angels in the City!

I would like to share with you an experience I had about two weeks ago. In between all my myriad daily distractions, I was moved to discover that there are people who quietly, quietly do holy work deserving of praise – like the Ezer Mizion club for special children.

The club in our area has bepr special 2013 amusement park 1638_ne_photo_7efacen functioning for 4 years now as a leisure-time framework for 24 children with special needs who come there straight from school. The staff consists of director Ms. Sarah Suzanne Blin, occupational therapist Hila Lindsbaum, and 4 group leaders – Orit Sabarsky, Esther Akoka, Hodayah Shmueli, and Michal Iyovi. External activities – bibliotherapy and fitness for kids – are provided by Miriam Adler and Revital Shoval. Every Thursday, Rabbi Elazar comes to lead a kabbalat Shabbat and tell the children Parashat Hashavua. The activity at the club is built on the basis of an iso-annual program and is divided into a schedule of weekly hours comprised of variegated experiential activities, including: Creative kitchen, therapeutic gardening, life skills, symbolic room, attention room, board games and social games, jewelry making, grapho-motor exercises, and more. Every month there are special activities integrated with the schools in the city, with the goal of training the children towards normative life in the community. There is also fertile and commendable collaboration with the “Derech Eretz” company that runs Highway 6 enabling them to go out on retreats and special visits according to the subjects being learned, which are transmitted through a tangible, fun experience.

Barak Tzabari, Vice-Mayor

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