Ezer Mizion Canada

Walks in the Park

Dear Ezer Mizion, Bnei Brak,
We want to thank you for the marvelous idea of organizing walks in the park for the senior women of Bnai Brak.
You have no idea how eagerly we wait for these twice weekly walks, or the enchanting hour in the National Park at sunset, for the overwhelming beauty that surrounds us, for the crystal clear air, for our wonderful teacher Ruti, and of course – for the opportunity to see all the friends we have come to know in the course of the walks.
Sometimes, I like to observe the walkers from the side: Some walk alone, others in pairs, in threes or in groups. Some chat, while others pace silently in thought. Some walk slowly, dragging their feet, but their faces shine, full of life. Others are light on their feet, tripping along like gazelles…
Thanks to you, we are developing a healthy body and a hale spirit – as we forget all of our problems, at least for a few hours. What a chesed! May you be divinely blessed!
Shula and Smadar W.
Bnei Brak


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