Ezer Mizion Canada

Wanted: Moroccans

Albert Aflalo is a 64 year old grandfather whose greatest joy is handing out lollipops to the eager, pudgy, little hands of his grandkids. He is looking forward to many year of watching his grandchildren grow up. But it may not be.
Eight months ago, his family was shocked to hear the word: Leukemia.
But there is hope. A bone marrow transplant can save his life. If he receives it in time.
To be successful, a donor must be found whose DNA matches Aflalo and Ezer Mizion, the largest Jewish registry in the world, has no match.
Aflalo is of Moroccan descent. A drive is being held by Ezer Mizion for all Moroccans to register, thus enriching the registry with added Moroccan potential donors for Aflalo and other Moroccans around the world.
There are many more lollipops in the lollipop box. Will Aflalo be given the time to give them out?
Registration will be taking place in Israel only. Donations to cover the expensive genetic testing may be made online or by calling 718 853 8400

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