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As per instructions from the Bar Mitzvah boy himself

He’s turning thirteen and still living in a Corona hotel. He has Downs Syndrome and just ‘doesn’t get it’. His Bar Mitzvah will pass with nothing happening???. But his parents have their hands full and the logistics were overwhelming. Ezer Mizion has taken care of him since birth and will not abandon him now.  The ‘boss’ himself was consulted and the menu based around his choices (sour sticks and candies). Every minute detail was handled to create the celebration of the century. Hotel guests were invited since there is no social distancing regulation at the hotel and our Bar Mitzvah boy was thrilled. How did the mother put it? “We’re at the stage when our situation doesn’t really interest anyone anymore. But the Ezer Mizion ‘champions of Tiveria’ don’t run out of steam. More treats, more events, everything possible for the Corona patients ‘imprisoned’ in the hotels…”
A family of nine still living at a Corona hotel. Very little clothing had been taken, not anticipating such a long stay. The 15-year-old boy literally has nothing to wear as the few things he had are worn out. What to do? She called her sister who was able to purchase some items but had no way of getting them from Yerushalayim  to the hotel in the north. .As she was trying Ezer Mizion to see if they could help, the phone rings at the Ezer Mizion office. It is an MDA volunteer  with time on her hands and eager to be back in the chessed business. Ezer Mizion seemed to her to be the best address to try and she was wondering if we are in need of any help. She has a car and is able to make deliveries… . In under three hours, the boy had a new wardrobe.
car-driving-man-city-46591018A young father with cancer will be hospitalized for a crucial treatment that will hopefully save his life. We certainly hope and pray it will be successful but meanwhile his wife needs help. She will be staying with him and needs to make two trips a day from Neve Yaakov to Ein Kerem!! Public transportation would take a minimum of 1.5 hours per trip. Six precious hours every day!!! Hours during which the mother could rest a bit, be with the young children who barely see her… not to mention the minimal work of keeping up the household, which she tries to squeeze in between trips. And the price of 4 taxis per day is out of the question what with their medical expenses being beyond anything you could imagine… . We can’t heal the illness, but we can definitely help relieve the burden. If you drive this route on a regular basis or some days a week, or even one trip a day or occasionally…Please take notice and volunteer. .Tizku l’mitzvot!’The above was a Linked to Life notice that went out to the giant network of thousands and needless to say, we rallied and all slots were filled.

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