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We’re There When It Hurts

Ezer Mizion, Israel’s largest health support organization, that is constantly at the forefront of working for the sick, populations with special needs, the elderly and people undergoing mental health rehab, has once again expanded its wings to include the wounded in hospitals and their families, and unfortunately also those who are no longer with us. This is an update as we close the second day on the battlefield.

Caught in a raid during run of bringing the deceased for identification. All well.

The expanded services we are now providing in time of crisis are in addition to our regular services which are being adapted as needed to the current situation.  While travel in large areas of the country is more limited, our ambulances are still running, our bone marrow registry continues to save lives, geriatric services operate as usual and much more.

Thank you for your true partnership in routine times, which gives us the strength and fortitude we need to keep going.

“Iron Sword” War auxiliary services

Packages of essential from Ezer Mizion received with great joy by our courageous soldiers

1. A mental health support hotline, manned by professionals with thousands of inquiries are being answered by our professional team 24 hours a day.

2. Transport of essential medicines, especially for homebound elderly living alone.

3. Evacuation and transportation of the sick and elderly.

4.  Transport of family members of the wounded.

  • This is in addition to the regular, ongoing services of transporting patients to vital medical care, cooking and delivering hot meals for families of sick patients, etc.

5. Our bone marrow donor registry continues to work as usual and save lives, including obtaining stem cells from enlisted soldiers who are serving on active duty, but are being released by the IDF to come and donate stem cells and then return to the battlefront.

6. Volunteering in hospitals throughout the country has been accelerated.

7. Hospital refreshment carts distributing drinks, coffee, tea, sandwiches and cakes to ease the wait and the hunger of patient companions and the harried hospital staff.

8. Distribution of hot cooked meals daily to patient companions in the above hospitals

9. Transport people with mobility limitations for vital medical care.

10. To evacuate people who are wheelchair or bedbound, elderly or frail from hazardous areas to safer places.

  • Our ambulance team has also been called up to assist in transferring the deceased bodies to be identified and given a dignified burial.

12. Transporting medical and rehabilitative equipment for loan, including to the wounded and to people who were evacuated from their homes to other places.

13. Transporting supplies for Ezer Mizion branches and hospital stations for constant restocking.

14. Medical referrals hotline for consultations

15. Hosting families of cancer patients at Ezer Mizion’s Oranit cancer patient guest home in Petah Tikvah, especially families from the south who are unable to travel for treatment due to the war.

16. Blood donation drives have been coordinated throughout Israel to collect blood units for the wounded.

17. Geriatric Services Department has opened a dedicated hotline for senior citizens, providing support by social workers and professionals for the elderly, providing transportation solutions, delivery of medicines and food, relieving loneliness, reassuring, and counseling family members of patients with dementia.

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