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What’s In It for Me?

Jumping on a trampoline cannot cure cancer but it can surely bring smiles enabling the spirit to enhance the body’s ability to fight its battle.

“What’s in it for me?” the average person asks. A new project…a new suggestion. How will I gain? Some will ask it outright. The more refined will ask only in their thoughts. But the ever—present ego accompanies our every move.

 Everyone? Well, not quite everyone. Mrs. Anonymous seems to be missing that gene. She’s one of the people who always seems to know when she is needed. She’s a volunteer, who keeps her name “secure in a safe,” unwilling for us to share this top-secret information — a volunteer  who helps in so many cases that come up in Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life network, quietly and humbly, with a huge heart that leaves us open-mouthed time after time!!!!

A little boy with cancer. He’s in pain and he’s sad. Due to his medical condition, he must be in preventative quarantine and so he and his mommy are separated from his big siblings. And his two siblings?  They are torn from Mommy, scared and lonely. In addition, they’re in isolation, because one of the kids in the boy’s class has Corona. Sadness and tears here. Sadness and tears there.

Enter Mrs. Anonymous. She did what was natural – natural for her –  and ordered special inflatable bouncing trampolines for the kids. She sends the blown up trampolines to the sick little boy. A few hours later, they get deflated and folded up to be sent to his siblings at home…Giggles and laughter here. Giggles and laughter there.

Once again, you warmed our hearts, dear volunteer!


Hot meals being packed for families spending hours at the hospital bedside of a loved one

Two volunteers deliver hot meals to family members spending hours at the bedside of a loved one. They do it every week. It’s called caring for the caretaker. Each tray is delivered with warmth and encouragement. Food for the body and nourishment for the soul. But today something came up. They had to cancel. At the last minute.  It happens. Even to the most dedicated volunteers. But what about the food? It’s all prepared. All packed with love. Too late to call in replacements. Ditza, who heads the kitchen, called the volunteer who is scheduled to drive the meals to Shaarei Tzedek and meet with the two volunteers.” You might as well turn around. The volunteers who deliver just canceled.”

“I’m almost here anyways, I have a tight schedule but suppose I pick up the meals and try to deliver them myself. If I find parking right away, I’ll do it. Otherwise, I’ll do as you say and bring them back.” At Ezer Mizion, miracles are almost expected. As she pulled up, she spotted a parking space right opposite the entrance. As she began to unload the meals onto a cart, a kindly man approached her. “Can I help you? “

“I need to deliver these to families in the hospital,” her voice almost cracking with stress as she counts the minutes she has available to deliver this mountainous pile of trays.

“I have a few hours to spare while I wait for some results. I’d appreciate the privilege of helping out Ezer Mizion. “

Later Ditza called in tears, still overwrought from the tension of the morning. “The meals got delivered! So many people have already called to say thank you. Our volunteer drove them to the hospital and then Eliyahu Hanovi (Elijah, the prophet) was there to help! “


Rabbi B is a dedicated volunteer but this time he was on the other side. “All morning, we’ve been in the Emergency Room at Shaare Tzedek. (Baruch Hashem (thank G-d), everything is all right!) Hours of waiting. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she appeared. The precious volunteer with the Ezer Mizion cart piled with all kinds of good things — cakes and hot and cold beverages of all kinds.

“Like cool water on a weary soul.” It’s not just the cake and drinks, but also — and primarily — the thought and the huge heart. May Ezer Mizion be blessed from Above!

What’s in it for me? No lucrative monetary gain. No trumpet-blowing honor. Just a warm, satisfying feeling of helping others, the knowledge that you made a difference in the lives of a suffering Jew and a loving smile from Avinu SheBaShomayim (our Father in heaven) . 

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