Ezer Mizion Canada


Dear Ezer Mizion Ambulance Team,

“…The wheels of time speed down the highway of life, dashing forward as in a hurtling race down the broad lanes,

Passing the various interchanges, crossing busy intersections.

Only on occasion, when something gets caught in the wheels…

When a red light signals – only then do we pause in the mad race,

— Then, when a screech of brakes is sounded on the highway of our lives …a traffic jam blocks our progress, as if stopping the motion of the days.

…It may be a minor incident – the brief hospitalization of a family member, a short-lived familiarity with the hospital hallways – yet it may seem to us to be a traffic block – immovable, aggravating, and distressing.

“Little problems” – perhaps not of great concern, certainly not dangerous – yet still capable of wreaking havoc with our daily routine, and stopping the “traffic” of our lives from proceeding – “Nothing terrible,” but nevertheless, definitely un pleasant.

It was at a time like this that we encountered Ezer Mizion’s “Transport Service” – and they were like oil for our wheels, gas for our engine, fuel for our lives.

From Bnei Brak to Tel Hashomer and back, like clockwork, they stood at our side efficiently and faithfully, taking us practically from door to door, and always with a warm, homey feeling.

Yes, they were like oil for our wheels – but more importantly, true fuel for our lives, injecting energy into our weary, overloaded days. We could not get over their devoted service and genuine interest, how they just wanted to make things easier for us and to help – in more ways than we could have dreamed of even asking for.

How appropriate was their standard opening to all the phone calls that “traveled back and forth” between us – “Yes, how can we help you?”  This question alone gave us the feeling, “We are with you – You aren’t alone, we are right here at your side.”

These small “punctures” along the way are enlightening and edifying.  They open our eyes, remind us Who steered us on a smooth path on the roads of life until this point, navigating from Above our route on the highway lanes.

Sometimes, we also need these “punctures” in order to get a glimpse at the ones who devotedly help everyone on their wearisome trips – not only those in the transportation division, but in more areas… and more… and more.

To know Ezer Mizion; to know – and to be amazed.

To be amazed – and to thank!


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