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When Dropping the Ball Saves Lives

golf 19 1st prize ball drop - split the pot.msg
First Prize Ball Drop Winner Receives 30% of Pot

Hundreds of eyes were turned toward the sky. Waiting…for the ball to drop. Ezer Mizion’s Golf Tournament added a new feature to its annual event. The day had been glorious. golf 19 10The weather perfect.  Now all players gathered to watch as a bucket truck-cherry picker lifted its bucket 200 feet above the green and dropped 701 golf balls that had been purchased by those participating in Ezer Mizion’s life saving mission. golf 19 11“Where would my ball drop? Would this be my chance to get a Hole in One?” “That was one of the coolest things I have ever seen at a golf tournament!” was heard from so many.
The atmosphere changed to serious at the dinner as one guest remarked, “I watched the videos you showed and I cried. Then I heard the incredible story of Yitzi Stern, the IDF soldier who donated his stem cells to save a life, and I cried more..What an emotional evening.”
For many cancer patients, the sole chance of survival is a stem cell transplant. Success is dependent on the genetic matching of donor and recipient.golf 19 1 golf 19 2 golf 19 3 golf 19 5 golf 19 6 golf 19 7 Ezer Mizion, the largest Jewish registry worldwide, has saved over 3,300 lives but too many requests are returned with the ominous words: No Match Found, a virtual death sentence. golf 19 20 golf 19 19 golf 19 15 golf 19 12 Enlarging the Registry is essential and the annual golf event has brought us much closer to our goal of a positive response for every request: Yes! We have a match!golf 19 14
Thank you Simmie Chiger, Manny Malekan, Alex Dembitzer, Johnny golf 19 17Halpert and the entire golf committee!golf 19 16

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