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The Dream of an Elderly Senior

A simple pleasure. One that many people experience on a daily basis. But for Luba, an elderly holocaust survivor, it was never in the forefront of her plans for the day. Now as she reaches her golden years and resides in a senior living home, she discovered the enjoyment of sitting in a café.  Through Ezer Mizion’s Make-A-Wish program which enables the holocaust survivor to strengthen his feelings of ‘me’ by choosing a treat of their own liking, Luba’s friend had requested to re-experience a visit to a café. Traveling to a real one was out of the question for her. Ezer Mizion therefore simulated a café on the grounds of the home. The friend invited Luba and in this way, Luba experienced the enjoyment she had missed in her younger years. Now it was her turn to ‘make a wish. Without a moment’s hesitation, she said, “I want to go to a real cafe.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

And so the Big Day arrived and Luba, together with a companion, were taken to a cafe that overlooks the ocean. The two seniors enjoyed it so much and thanked us non-stop.

Sarah also had a dream. She is a 94 year old holocaust survivor residing in a nursing home and, for years, dreamed of going to the kosel with her three adult children. She, too, had her dream fulfilled and now lives with the memories of that unforgettable day.

Sometimes it’s a golden-ager. Or it may be a mother with young child. Ezer Mizion’s many varied departments are there to help whenever, wherever, whatever.  Let’s click into the Ezer Mizion inbox to view the latest thank-you email. 

Midnight snacks at the emergency room

My daughter spent quite some time in the hospital last night, after my 8-year-old grandson fell off his bicycle and got a nasty cut very close to his eye. She went to her Kupat Cholim (HMO) emergency clinic at around 6PM, but because of the sensitive location of the cut, they sent her to the hospital.

She hadn’t expected it to be such a long process, so she hadn’t brought anything with her but her purse.

While still waiting in the ER, she called me at about 11 PM, and told me where she was. I said: “You must be starving. But don’t worry! Ezer Mizion will be there soon…”

She told me later that she found that hard to believe. Why would volunteers be out at such an outlandish hour?! She thought she was dreaming when a bit later there they were. The amazing Ezer Mizion volunteers with cake and sandwiches and warm words to keep her going until the eye doctor finally got to them at 1:30 AM. .  (The doctors were busy with more urgent cases until then.) Baruch Hashem they’re home and he feels fine. Staff members told her Ezer Mizion always shows up at that hour to put a smile on the many exhausted, worried faces in the ER.

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