Wishes Ignite Strength and Healing

Ezer Mizion’s Wish Campaign aims to carry out the wishes of patients in Israel to enrich their lives during their most challenging times. Whether it is occupying their time with a game to keep their minds off their medical issues, providing medical equipment to make day-to-day tasks a little bit easier, or making it possible for them to attend their grandchild’s wedding - Ezer Mizion is there.

Through your donation, you can help in our mission to make wishes come true. Choose from the different wish categories in our campaign to fulfill the corresponding wish. In turn, Ezer Mizion Canada hopes to realize a wish of yours by helping you and your loved ones venture out and enjoy time together in ways you may not have been able to this past year.

$36,000 Donor Pool

Fulfill the ultimate wish for those suffering from a blood disease – LIFE.

As the world’s largest Jewish bone marrow registry, Ezer Mizion collaborates with transplant centers around the globe by facilitating transplants for patients whose only chance of survival is a bone marrow transplant. The registry includes more than 1,000,000 potential donors! An incredible 60% of these potential donors are Israel Defence Forces recruits who joined the registry following a landmark agreement between Ezer Mizion and the IDF whereby new recruits routinely undergo testing as part of their induction process.

A “Personalized Donor Pool” is a unique opportunity for an individual or group to sponsor the DNA testing of a segment of Ezer Mizion’s Registry. As a sponsor at this level, you can name your pool in honor or in memory of a loved one. You can then look forward to the gratification of receiving personal notifications in detail each time a registrant from your pool donates life-saving marrow. One cannot imagine a greater joy than hearing the words: You have saved a life!

Senior citizen Luba has always dreamt of sitting in a café, something she had never had the chance to do. Her first experience in a café setting was at her seniors’ residence, when Ezer Mizion set up a café environment for a Holocaust survivor whom Luba was able to join. Luba enjoyed herself very much but still expressed that her wish was “to go out to a ‘real’ café.” Ezer Mizion made this wish a reality. This time, Luba invited her friend from the residence to join her. Together they sat in a café by the sea, drank coffee, and enjoyed each other’s company. Both ladies were so grateful for the experience, making sure to thank us non-stop for realizing this dream.

10,000 Kitchen Chef Project

With your donation, you will help build and furnish this one-of-a-kind kitchen, making it accessible to physically challenged users and thereby fulfilling their wish of independence: being able to create food for themselves in a suitable and comfortable environment.

Our newest Ezer Mizion project aims to build a kitchen to help facilitate training in home economics and kitchen-related skills through various cooking and baking workshops. The program will enable everyone at Ezer Mizion’s Matan Nechalim adult day center - all severely handicapped young adults with normal cognitive and social skills - the opportunity to participate in kitchen activities at least twice a week. This will contribute to honing their skills, broadening their horizons, opening new opportunities, and enhancing their self-esteem.

$5,000 Medical Equipment

With your donation, you will help Ezer Mizion build more Equipment Loan Centers, making wishes come true through increased accessibility to medical equipment.

Accidents, injury, illness, and disability can make a person dependent on specialized medical equipment and machines. While these items improve quality of life significantly, they are often prohibitively expensive and difficult to obtain.>br>
Ezer Mizion’s Equipment Loan Centers offer people an alternative to purchasing medical and rehabilitative equipment for short-term use, easing the financial burden on families of ill and disabled people. Located throughout Israel, the Loan Centers lend close to 80,000 pieces of specialized equipment every year.

Sarah Zarfati is a 94 year old Holocaust survivor living in a nursing home in Gadera. For years, she has been dreaming of visiting the Western Wall. This morning, Ezer Mizion brought Sarah, along with her 3 adult children, to the Kotel to make her wish come true! They were joined by a group of IDF soldiers who, together with Sarah and her children, sang a moving song, one of Sarah’s favourites. It was a day to remember!

$3,600 Fulfill-a Wish

Your donation will cater to the hearts of 10 of our golden agers by making their individual wishes come true.

A very special part of our Ezer Mizion’s Ambulance Division is the Fulfill-a-Wish program to help homebound, elderly people carry out wishes that they cannot realize on their own. Together with our Golden Age Division, this program plays an important role in allowing these golden agers to visit loved ones, participate in special occasions, and go to places that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

$1,800 Family Retreats

Your donation will help 1 family participate in a family retreat, allowing them to connect and rejuvenate.

Each summer, Ezer Mizion hosts 1,170 participants at our 7 summer retreats for mental health rehab clients and their family members. These overnight retreats are targeted at different groups of people struggling with mental health issues, including: mental health rehab clients themselves, caregiving family members of mental health clients, or couples retreats with a spouse of a mental health rehab client.

These retreats are geared for those who struggle daily with the major challenges of living with a mental health issue. They serve as an opportunity for clients, immediate family members, and caregivers to stop, rest, and gather their strength and balance. Retreats include field trips, fun activities, pampering, treats, perks, professional lectures, and entertaining workshops.

At Ezer Mizion mental health retreats, participants rub shoulders with others facing similar challenges who can identify with their struggles and offer real support. The retreats are therefore an integral part of the healing process for both clients and families, embracing and empowering them with the tools to move forward despite their difficult circumstances!

Covid-19 has separated wheel-chair bound Aharon, a Holocaust survivor, from his 8 siblings for over two years. His only wish was to reunite, but with all being over 70 years of age, the majority of whom have mobility impairments, plus the added obstacle of living in different parts of the country; this was a challenge. Ezer Mizion came to the rescue and fulfilled Aharon’s wish by rallying 4 of its fully equipped ambulances to transport the siblings to Aharon’s senior’s residence for a meeting. All 9 siblings were finally brought together for some very emotional embraces, joyful moments, and a lot of reminiscing about the past. Sara, one of the siblings described the reunion by saying, “When we meet, we go back to being children” and Aharon thanked us for making his wish a reality.

$1,000 Send a Kid to Camp

With your donation you can send 1 child to camp, making their wishes come true by providing them with some solace in a camp environment.

Ezer Mizion’s ten summer and holiday camps provide special needs children and children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses, the chance to enjoy camp – just like other children! Despite handicaps, disabilities, and severe illness, over 1,300 campers can experience friendship and fun at Ezer Mizion’s camps either in the summer or during other holiday breaks. Camp restores their trust and hope, fueling them with the strength they need to face their everyday challenges.

$500 Games People Play

With your donation you will add 20 new games or lego kits to the Ezer Mizion supply, thereby making a wish come true through fun and educational activities!

Some of Ezer Mizion’s patients have the simple wish to keep their mind active or to get their creative juices flowing. This is where our Games Library and our Lego Man come to save the day! The Ezer Mizion Games Library consists of hundreds of games that we lend out to any of our patients who just want to keep their mind off of the challenges they are facing and enjoy family and friend time for a little while. For those who like to work alone, the Lego Man (IDF Major Maor Cohen), will pay a special visit to our younger patients and bring them legos that specifically fit their building wishes.

All outings are based on when they open to the public and on availability.

If these experiences do not work for you in your city, let us help find you and your family an adventure that does.


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