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Did you ever follow an Ezer Mizion staff member around over his day? Not advisable if you need your eight hours of sleep. But we can check his postings at a more decent hour.

“It’s now 2:26 AM. I’m exhausted but I must send this note to MC to say thank you before I go to bed for the night. We just worked on a difficult case together. A woman who had given birth just 6 weeks ago was admitted to Hospital A with a  huge bleeding brain tumor and Ezer Mizion Medical Referral Dept. was contacted to be sure she was getting optimal care. MC determined, after a lengthy session researching her case, that Hospital B would be better for her care. Time was of essence and the move should take place NOW.  Switching hospitals is complex involving much red tape. How to make this happen? Well, it wasn’t a job for a shy, timid person. That I can tell you. MC didn’t hesitate to call key doctors on their private lines. Their being asleep for the night was not a factor to be considered. A Jewish life was at stake. They all rallied. It’s natural to have respect for someone whose actions display no ego, only a sincere desire to help. Well,,it’s done. She’s transferred. We can only pray now for good news for this young mother.  

Our staff will provide whatever is needed for the family at home and for those staying with the patient at the hospital. Rides to and from the hospital will materialize at the push of a button. Hot meals will be delivered by compassionate volunteers every day to the hospital for the caregivers. Loving babysitters will care for the new baby and for the older children. There will be treats for the kids, trips, the Guest Home where they can spend time doing fun things under the guidance of therapists who will help them cope. Emotional support for the father. And, of course, ongoing monitoring of his wife’s case.  

That’s how it is when you have one gigantic Ezer Mizion family, spread out all over the country.

When you see this message in the morning, notice what time it was written. It is a great merit to be part of a family that never stops giving, with no limitations of time, hour, or place.

Maybe it is the late night hour that is making me so emotional. But I felt great pride when I told the family: “We at Ezer Mizion are with you throughout the process — first in the original hospital, then in the second hospital, and also in your home in Carmiel. We are here with medical counseling, ambulance transport, meals — whenever, wherever you are in this story, we are with you!”

Such pride to feel myself a small part of something so huge – the Ezer Mizion family!!!” May all of you — the staff, the volunteers, and, of course, those whose generous donations help fund each mission — each one of you be blessed from above.

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